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DENTAL TECH VOL 1 CHP 7 -- ER Dental Tx for Oral Dieases & Injuries

Claudia Rincon

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3.One of the most important phase of emergency care to clear the ________passage of any obstructions
7.This type of stomata's occurs on the lining or nonkeratinized tissue.
8.This type of fracture you may observe these types of signs: slight chip or exposure of the dentin or pulp.
9.Type 2 fracture symptoms include very sharp edges; sever pain hot, cold and toothache.
10.Another name for Necrotizing Ulcerative gingivitis.
12.An infection of the pulpal tissue causing the pulp to become necrotic.
15.This type of tooth fracture you may observe fractured tooth as seen on x-ray, tooth mobility or facial trauma.
18.Relatively mild inflammation of the gingival tissue.
20.Inflammation of the gingiva around a partially erupted tooth.
24.This type of fracture signs to observe are the following extensive fracture of enamel or dentin layer and no pulp exposure.
25.Type one of fracture patients symptoms include: pain eating or drinking, sensitivity hot or cold
26.This type of fracture the enamel and dentin and the ________ are exposed.
27.Usually the result of high velocity accidents.
28.A dental officer may instruct you to replace a tooth back in the socket after rinsing it with this.
30.Occurs anytime from few hrs to several days after extraction of a tooth.
31.What you observe when you examine the oral structures.
32._________is of the essence for the replantation to be a success when dealing with a traumatically extracted tooth.
33.Most periodontal diseases result in the gradual recession of the tissues of this________.
34.What a patient tells you about his or her injuries or disease
35.Pain form this type of tooth usually results form exposed dentin or irritation of the pulp tissue as a result of trauma.
36.This type of stomatitis occurs on the masticory or keratinized tissues
37.One of the situations that warrants a dental tech to provide emergency treatment are if you are either standing dental tech watch of if no dental officer is onboard or if a ____________happens.
1.An important part of your job as a dental technician the ability to _______diseases of the tissues of the teeth
2.Also know as dry socket result when blood clot fails to form or washed out of the socket of a recently extracted tooth.
4.Record the emergency treatment provided on the Health record, Dental____.
5.Least common type of fracture is of the ________.
6.A person with a fractured jaw may suffer serious interference with this.
11.Gingivitis is a severe infection of the gingival tissue resulting form untreated marginal gingivitis one of the many contributing factors.
13.Caused by an infection of the periodontal tissues.
14.This type of fracture symptoms include: severe throbbing pain, very sharp edges, inability to chew food & severe pain form heat, cold.
16.An inflammation of the gingiva that involves the crest of the alveolar bone and the periodontal ligament above the alveolar crest.
17.Most common cause for this is bacterial plaque.
19.An inflammation of the pulp caused by injury to pulp, most frequent cause severe tooth pain.
21.Maxilla fracture can be distinguished from this type of fracture becasue it will cause severe malocclusion consist of an open bite
22.An inflammation of the gingival tissue.
23.Used to denote inflammation of the oral mucosa. There are 2 types.
29.This type of fracture patient may complain of severe pain form heat, cold, inability to eat do to pain, tooth is moving or loose.

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