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Let's Talk Diabetes!

Charlotte Barnes

1 2 3
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    11 12                    
      13 14              
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    20                         21
    23             24       25  

4.BB King checks his glucose levels using this device
7.the "A" in ADA stands for ___ Diabetes Association
8.17 yr old most likely has Type 1 diabetes previously known as
9.complete loss of sensation in the feet leads to injuries which further leads to
12.major complication of the kidney due to diabetes
14.Beneficiaries who are eligible for diabetic testing supplies at little or no cost
15.Brand name for Metformin
16.number of times one should check blood sugar on average
18.Blood glucose reading of 65 mg/dl
20.patients often suffer ___ ___ because of hardened arteries
22.All diabetics must receive this eye exam yearly
23.Glyburide, Avandia, and Actos
26.Gestational diabetes normally occurs in these women
27.walking, running, gardening to gain control of diabetes
28.Blood glucose reading of 180 mg/dl
1.Diabetes type accounting for 90% of all cases
2.Diabetes Mellitus is a disease known to last a lifetime
3.product used to prick fingertips for blood
5.15 grams are needed when sugar drops below 70 mg/dl
6.condition when body does not respond to insulin
10.a test to determine glucose control for the past 2 to 3 mos: ___ A1c
11.small, white, fine particle used for flavoring a.k.a. diabetes
13.condition when ketones turn the blood acidic
17.major complication of the eye due to diabetes
19.eating healthy to delay diabetes
21.increased urination, thirst, hunger, fatigue are classic examples of
24.natural hormone that helps body use blood sugar for energy
25.aid used to record daily blood glucose values

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