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Suzanne Currin, Sharelle Abdalla, Sunita Ali

Word Bank: two-hundred thousand, pancreas, rise, carbohydrates, glucose, endocrinology, dietitian, three, thirty, ketones

Source: (2004). Diabetes Basics. Retrieved February 25, 2009, from Diabetes Web site: http://www.diabetes.co.il/quiz/browser.php?28ccdd0f12d51dfff68595c9cb29dbb0

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1.What is the name of the chemicals that the body makes when there is not enough insulin in the blood and it must break down fat for its energy?
3.It is recommended that most people do aerobic exercise for at least __________ (minutes/hours) per day, five days a week.
5.What health care professional advises patients about weight control, meal planning and diabetes?
6.________ are measured by the glycemic index to measure how fast they raise blood sugar.
10.A doctor wo treats diabetics must go through training in what medical specialty?
11.__________ have the biggest effect on blood sugar.
2.Annually, over ____________ Americans die of diabetes.
4.A diabetic is recommended to have at least _______ servings of vegetables a day.
7.Where is insulin produced in the body?
8.In many diabetics, stress can cause their blood glucose levels to________
9.Sugar that is carried to the cells through the blood stream is called?

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