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Diverticular Disease

Linda Chambers

This is a crossword puzzle for Nursing School teaching project.

1 2
3           4     5 6 7 8  
13   14                      
16   17                          

3.Risk for _________ is a nursing diagnosis for diverticulitis.
9.Bulging pouches in a person's digestive tract
10.Forces occuring outside the individual
11.The opening of a portion of the colon through th abdomeinal wall to the skin suface.
13.Episodes of bleeding that usually last longer than a few minutes.
17.Inflammation or infection in the intestinal tract causing pain
18.The large intestine frome the ileum to the anal canal.
19.We follow his developmental stages in our nursing program.
20.He developed a hierarchy of needs
1.Eating a diet high in _____ is recommended for prevention.
2.Drugs to control bowel contractions
4.Forces occurring between one or more individuals
5.An abnormal connection of tissue between two organs.
6.Forces occurring within the individual
7.Visualization of the lower Gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
8.A nursing theorist that we all have grown to love
12.Infection that spreads into the abdominal cavity
14.Bulk forming laxative.
15.broad spectrum antibiotic
16.An infected area with pus that may cause swelling and destroy tissue

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