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Evidence Based Medicine Databases


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1.the ______ step of EBM is to systematically retrieve best evidence available
7.critically-appraised individual articles (article synopses), critically-appraised topics (evidence syntheses) and systematic reviews provide _______ information
11.systematic reviews are the __________ EBM evidence
13.this is a philosophy of practice and approach to dicision making in patient care; refers to integrating individual clinical expertise w/best available external clinical evidence from systematic research; requires a knowledge of specific pt's situation, beliefs and preferences and isn't just a clinical appraisal of literature
15.the ACP ________ ____ consists of 2 journals, ACP JC and EBM; anenhanced abstract is prepared which provides a commentary on the value of the article for clinical practice; allows clinicians to quickly understand and apply changes to their practice
16.ways of _________ EBM databases via OVID include: search each DB individually, search across each full text database at same time, search across all 7 at same time, and/or use the EBM limit when searching OVID SP Medline
17.EBM is __________ to increase quality of pt care and to enhance your ability to defend your views to physicians and other HCPs
18.the ______ step of EBM is to apply results to the patient
19.this is a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines; is an initiative of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
20.the Cochrane ________ of Systematic Reviews presents reviews in 2 types: complete reviews and protocols
21.the _____ step of EBM is to critically appraise the evidence
2.________ reviews are highly structured systematic reviews of methodological research
3.the Cochrane Central ________ of Controlled Trials contains over 300,000 bibliographic references to CTs in health care; may include trials not indexed in Medline; references to CTs from the Cochrane databes, Medline, and Embase
4.the _____ step of EBM is to evaluate decision making
5.Health Technology Assessment Database Guide (HTA), National Health Service (NHS) Economic Evaluation Database Guide, and the Cochrane Methodology Register Database Guide are _____ OVID SP EBM databases
6.clinical _________ __________ are systematically developed statements to assisst practitioner and patient decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances; developed by variety of groups and organizations; based on best avaialbe evidence
8.this is a full text database containing critical assessments of systematic reviews from variety of medical journals; contains structured abstracts of systematic reviews
9.these are reviews in preparation; provides background, rationale, objectives, and methods
10.case-control studies, cohort studies, and RCTs provide __________ information
12.this database, where you can access e-facts, also has EMB reviews
14.expert opinions/background info is the _______ EBM evidence
18.the _____ step of EBM is to frame patient scenario into a clinical question

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