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First Aid Terms

Mrs. Etherton

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2.A fracture to a bone. It can be a closed break or an open break where the bone punctures the skin.
8.To give attention to or first aid to an injured person.
10.A wound caused by an object that pierces the skin.
11.To injure or kill with poison.
13.An injury that could cause death if first aid is not given.
16.Check the scene and victim. Call 9-1-1. Care for the victim.
19.– A regular throbbing caused in the arteries by the contractions of the heart. Check for a pulse at the radial, carotid, or temporal artery.
21.A torn and ragged wound.
23.A place where an accident, injury has occurred.
25.An unforeseen combination of circumstances that calls for immediate action.
27.One that is injured under any various conditions.
28.Used to help a choking victim.
29.An injury resulting from exposure to fire, heat, caustics, electricity or certain radiations.
30.When an animal or insect thrust a stinger into the flesh causing a wound or pain.
1.The freezing or partial freezing of some part of the body.
3.When the airway is blocked or restricted due to allergic reaction, asthma attack, choking, or pulmonary failure.
4.Puncture wound inflicted by an animal, spider or insect.
5.To interrupt normal breathing by compressing or obstructing the airway.
6.Something different than the normal.
7.When a part(s) of the body is removed from the rest of the body.
9.Firm object used to support or immobilize a broken bone.
12.When a victim has extremely high body temperature and is not sweating as a result of prolonged exposure to high temperature. Identified by very hot, dry skin and no sweating.
14.Weakness or fainting as a result of prolonged exposure to heat, caused by a decreased blood supply to the heart and brain and an increased supply to the skin.
15.Breathes given by medical personnel to a victim that has stopped breathing.
17.A state of profound depression of the vital processes associated with reduced blood volume and pressure caused by severe injuries, hemorrhage or burns.
18.Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Mouth to mouth respiration combined with chest compressions used to revive an individual that has no pulse and has stopped breathing.
20.Emergency care given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained.
22.The quality or state of being aware of what is happening to you or around you.
24.When air is inhaled and exhaled.
26.To loose blood.

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