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Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalaces II


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1.only 20-50% of an _____ dose of mag sulfate is absorbed
5._________ of hyperkalemia includes counteracting effects of K+ ions at the level of the cell membrane, promoting K+ ion movement into cells, and removing K+ ions from the body
7.magnesium _______ has a max infusion rate; 1 gm = 8 mEq
8.a concequence of hyperkalemia is ________
15.low _______ levels can mean more free Ca; corrected Ca = (4 - obs. ________) x 0.8 + obs Ca
16.a major complication of kayexelate is ____________ so suspend it in sorbital
18.this is an oral K supplement; comes in tablet form; has a slower onset; decreases risk of ulceration; diff strengths have diff amount of K; immediately dispersing ER
20.oral mag sulfate can lead to ________
22.hyperkalemia can be ______ by increased input, impaired excretion, or impaired uptake
24.this drug is used to treat hyperkalemia; it stimulate the NaK-ATPase pump causing a intracellular K+ shift; not very effectine; acts quickly; given via nebulizer; reserved as adjunct to insulin and glucose
25.this electrolyte disorder is caused by renal impairment or increased intake; treated with PO4 binders: alternagel, amphogel, and Ca supplements
30.this is when serum potassium > 5.5; life-threatening, esp. when > 6; most important sx is EKG changes - peaked T wave, QRS widening, wide, flat P wave
33.this is caused by poor diet, diuretics, gut losses, massive diarrhea; has a level of < 1.6 mg/dl
34.this is the 2nd most important intracellular cation; plays role in energy metabolism, protein synthesis, cell division, and Ca regulation in muscle
36.monitor K+ levels no sooner than 3 hrs for __________ release formulations
38.systemic ______________ of IV therapy are fluid overload, air embolism, and septicemia and other infection
39.this is the most abundant intracellular cation; kidney is the main route of elimination; found in fruits and vegetables
41.higher doses of K need a _______ line b/c KCl causes vein irritation
43.the normal range of this electrolyte is 8.5-10.5 mg/dl; plays important role in muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, hormone secretion, and blood clotting
44.this drug is used to treat hyperkalemia; it prevents insulin-induced hypoglycemia; is given along with insulin
46.this drug is used to treat hyperkalemia; it's used in mild (K+ 5.5 - < 7mEq or asymptomatic) hyperkalemia; it removes K from the body by exchanging K+ for Na+; works in GI tract; removes 1 mEq K+/1 g(oral); bowel movement required for efficacy
47.the __ __ __ sends a message to the bone, renal tubule, and the deodenal lumen if Ca is low
48.calcium _________ has 40% elemental Ca
49._______ deficiency predisposes an individual to hyperkalemia
50.this is when potassium levels are < 3.5; sxs are Alkalosis, Shallow respirations, Irritability, Confusion, Weakness, Arrhythmias, Lethargy, Thready pulse; K+ ions lost from GI or urinary tract; caused by decreased dietary intake, potassium depletion, or redistribution
51.this is an oral K supplement; comes in powder form; has a quicker onset
52.drugs commonly associated with _________ K+ secretion are potassium sparing drugs: spirinolactone, PG synthesis inhibitors: ibuprofen, ACE inhibitors: captopril, enalapril, misc: bactrim, pentamidine
1.kayexelate is more effective _______ than by enema
2._________ of hypomagnesemia is giving IV magnesium sulfate or oral replacement
3.the _______ (acute, IV or PO, or IV+PO) dose is 40 mEq q2h for a max of 120 mEq w/in a 6 hr period
4.if serum K is _____ than 3 mEq/L, 100-200 mEq required per each change in serum K of 1 mEq/L
6.this is secreted by the thyroid gland; has a weak effect on Ca; interfers w/done resorption, favors bone uptake of Ca, and promotes Ca exretion by the kidney
9.this enhances Ca levels by promoting bon resorption, potentiating PTH, increasing absorption by the intestine, and reabsorption by kidney tubules
10.laxatives cause ________________ losses which may cause hypokalemia
11.Ca ___________ is maintained by PTH, vitamin, and calcitonin
12.the major sign of this electrolyte disorder is muscle weakness; treated by treating underlying cause, IV supplementation in emergencies, PO supplementatin routinely, keep Ph x Ca product ration < 55 (or 60 in renal disease)
13.this is caused by inadequate vitamin D, hypoparathyroidism; treated w/vitamin D or Ca salts
14.monitor K+ levels no sooner than 60 min for _________ or IV formulation
17.the ______ the level, the more product you give
19.___________ of K+ is done by either oral K+ salt supplements, diet, or IV administration of K+ salt solution; spirinolactone if renal loss is at work
21.this is caused by exogenous ingestion or impaired renal excretion; signs are prolonged PR interval; treat w/ Ca gluconate, normal saline, loop diuretics, dialysis
23.this in an intracellular anion; normal range is 2.5-4.5 mg/dl; it's excreted via urine
26.this is hgih levels of calcium which interferse w/nerve impulse, muscle contraction; may cause kidney stones; may precipitate out of body tissues; treat w/hydration/diuresis or bisphosphanate/calcitonin
27.this is used to treat hyperkalemia; it's reserved for patients w/uncontrolled hyperkalemia that has failer therapy b/c it's invasive and hard to start
28.if using ___________ mag sulfate, replace Mg over several days; there is a renal threshold for reabsorption of Mg; give 1 mEq/kg on day 1 and 0.5 mEq/kg on days 3-5
29.PO4 can cause _________ so don't infuse too fast
31.this is used to treat hypermagnesemia; it forces diuresis when used w/loop diuretic
32.the max rate and dose/24 hrs for a __________ line is 10 meq/hr and 200 meq
35.this drug is used to treat hyperkalemia; _______ gluconate or choride are used to immediately counteract the effects of K+ on the heart; onset 1-2 min, duration 30-60 min;
37.this drug is used to treat hyperkalemia; sodium ___________ is used to shift K+ into cells; SEs are sodium and fluid overload; used in mild hyperkalemia if metabolic acidosis is present
40.this drug is used to treat hyperkalemia; it promotes the shift of K+ into cells; given with glucose; use R type; onset in 30 min, duration up to 6 hrs
41.the max dose and rate/24 hrs for a _______ line is 40 meq/hr and 400 meq
42.a single dose of KCl can contain no more than ______ mEq b/c KCl can cause GI ulceration; take with food
44.if serum K is _______ than 3, 200-400 mEq required per each change is serum K of 1 mEq/L
45.aminoglycosides, amphotericin B, corticosteroids, diuretics, levodopa, nifedipine, penicillins, and rifampin cause _______ wasting which may cause hypokalemia

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