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Genetic Disorders

Ms. Whitman

Biology Period 8

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4.caused by a deletion of chromosome #7 and causes mental retardation and a distinct facial appearance
5.severe combined immune deficiency syndrome
6.causes part of the spinal cord to stick out from the back of the body
12.causes the red blood cells to be shaped abnormally so they cannot carry oxygen to the organs properly
15.can be treated by giving the patient thyroid hormone
16.causes a variety of symptoms including a feeling of starving that can lead to excessive eating and obesity
1.causes a sticky mucus in the lungs and digestive system making it hard to breath and digest food
2.causes infants to have abnormally small heads and problems with the eyes
3.one of the most common brain diseases of babies where brain turns spongy
7.caused by a deletion of a portion of chromosome #15
8.scientific name for dwarfism
10.can be diagnosed by looking at the number of X chromosomes in a person's karyotype
11.blood clotting disorder
13.high pitched cry sounds like a cat
14.causes malignant cells to form in large intestine

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