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GI Disorders

Michael Faraci, RN

This crossword puzzle will help students review for N196 Exam

1 2
4   5  
    6 7    
9               10
13                   14            
16           17                    
18       19              

3.Accumulation of free fluid within peritoneal cavity caused by cirrhosis
11.Chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the colon and rectum
13.The liver produces these factors
14.This medication is prescribed for pancreatitis pain
16.Inflammatory diseas of the small intestine and or colon
17.This is a surgical emergency that can be a complication of PUD
18.This organ collects, concentrates and stores bile from the liver
1.Yellowing of the skin and sclera caused by liver and gall bladder disease
2.The patient who has extensive vomitting will have blood gases that are__________?
4.Gall stones
5.Traveler's diarrhea
6.When assessing the GI system, this is done last
7.The patient who underwent GI surgery is at risk for
8.The patient with IBS should be educated to eat more of this______?
8.The patient with active diverticulitis should be educated to eat little of this _______?
9.This is a twisting of the bowel
10.Extensive scarring of the liver usually caused by alcoholism
12.This is a visual examinination of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum using a fiberoptic endoscope
15.The patient with pancreatitis may need to take this kind of a supplement with meals
19.The patient with pernicious anemia will have to take these shots once per month

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