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health and P.E

mr d


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2.a rotten thing to happen to teeth
3.far too much weight
5.produces insulin
7.muscles help us to do this
10.carry messages to muscles
13.the biggest blood vessel
14.fats from meats and animal products
16.used to chew food
18.helps move food through the digestive system
19.small hair like projection that absorb food
20.the ability to change direction quickly
21.is found in stomach and can burn you
23.absorbs water
25.another name for simple sugar
28.heart and transport system
31.name of a greek god and the end of a muscle
32.the knee cap
34.waste product of breathing
36.we find it in lean meat and fish
37.clogs up blood vessels and is also found in ear wax
39.we should not have much of this
41.our ribs are attached to it
43.thisvery important band of nerves is found in your back
44.carries deoxygenated blood to heart
46.a big organ on the right side of the body that is known as the chemical factory
47.the egyptians built this but we also use as a food guide
48.attaches to bones together
49.mesures aerobic fitness in stages
1.A B C D E K are very important nutrients for health
2.a disease related to sugar
4.the gall bladder produces this to breakdown fats
6.this substance is really bad for your blood pressure
8.controls the body's sugar level
9.pumps blood away from the heart
11.an enzyme in the mouth
12.the body's computer system
15.the process of breaking down food
17.the windpipe
22.known as air sacs
24.is about 7 mts long
26.fats that come from plants and vegetables
27.the tube for food to travel to the stomach
29.smallest blood vessel
30.the top chambers of the heart
33.energy system used when doing a long run
34.bread cereal potatoes are examples of this
35.this churns food up
38.an another name for fat
40.exercising without oxygen
42.we don't need it and we often take it out if it gets inflamed
45.big muscles of the upper arms

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