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Integumentary Terms

Emily Borjas

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1.sweat gland found in the clitoris
5.body system dealing with the skin
6.main part of a nail
11.sweat gland found in the forehead
12.contains melanin
14.someone who treats and diagnoses skin ailments
18.you brush this part of your keratin
19.cells from red bone marrow
21.power to return to normal after stretch
22.region of areolar connective tissue
24.sensitive nerve endings
30.first phase with bloods clots
31.cells at the base of the epidermis
34.small openings in the epidermis
35.fibroblasts spread collagen fibers
37.keratrin beneath the scalp
38.largest organ
39.whitish part of a nail
40.hormone-like proteins
41.glands with a waxy secretion
2.a healing response when cells meet
3.a more serious type of wound healing
4.deepest layer of the epidermis
7.a less serious type of would healing
8.time to trim your nails you have a...
9.a root sheath of protection around the hair follicle
10.a folding on the nail
13.structures that increase the papillary region's surface
15.tissue formed by fibroblasts
16.holds an internal and external sheath
17.second layer of skin
20.glands mostly around our hair follicles
23.beneath the dermis
25.power to stretch
26.at the bottom of your nail
27.when cells move from one layer to another
28.the scab comes off
29.cells we shed off our scalp
31.second phase as new tissue is formed
32.secretion that keeps our eyes moist
33.region of irregular connective tissue
36.protects DNA from UV rays

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