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Mental Disorders

K. Delfine

This puzzle helps to review common categories and specific types of mental disorders.

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1.A rare disorder in which two or more personalities coexist within the same person.
4.Depression caused by lack of sunlight.
5.Irrational fears.
7.Fears rejection of others so keeps to themselves
9.Category of disorder involving moods.
12.Flashbacks or nightmares caused by trauma such as military combat or sexual abuse
18.Has little regard for others, may hurt people and break laws with little or no remorse.
19.In love with self,pre-occupied with own wants and needs
20.Category in which real or imagined fears prevent people from enjoying life
21.long standing feelings of hopelessness and helplessness which may involve thoughts of suicide.
2.Urgent need to repeat certain actions causing an inability to attend to daily responsibilities.
3.Cateory of disorder where part of brain seems to be "cut off" from the other.
6.Disorder in which a person worries, is fearful and is tense much of the time for no specific reason.
8.person constantly worries about developing or having diseases and illnesses
10.Category of disorder when the ways in which a person thinks, feels and behaves interferes with daily life.
11.The loss of a body function resulting from a mental trauma
13.Category of disorder involving the body.
15.Also known as manic-depression; a mood disorder characterised by extreme highs and lows
16.Drama queen
17.A breakdown in logical thought whereby a person hears voices and may suffer from paranoia and/or delusions.
18.When a person cannot remember past events due to suffering a traumatic event

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