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Mental Health

Ms. D

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3.disorder characterized by withdrawl from reality into fantasy world
5.syndrome characterized by fast movement of the lips
8.also known as manic depressive
10.voluntarily typical of the schzoid personality disorder
13.fear of leaving one's home
14.a non-reactive state, absence of emotion
16.unreal sensory perceptions
17.delusions of...believes that they may be the virgin mary
20.final stage of anxiety
21.loss of contact with reality
22.prevasive & unwanted tendency to interpet actions of others as threatening
23.phsychological identity disorder always associated with childhood trauma
26.a disorder which falls into the axis 11 along with mental retardation
27.example of an eating disorder
29.uncontrollable urge to repeat or perfrom an act
32.hatred of society
33.hypersensitivity to rejection, critism or shame
34.syndrome characterized by leaning to one side
37.inability to function independently
40.antipsychotic medication
42.delusions of...believes that one is being spoken to directly ex..tv
43.immobility, weakness, fatigue, muscle weakness, confused
44.a type of psychiatry dealing with the legal aspects
1.chemical substances in the synaptic vesicles
2.mask like face, drooling, stooped posture
4.presistent idea, emotion or urge
6.irrational, intense, persistent fear of situations, activities, things or people
7.state of excessive excitability
9.abnormal fear of public places
11.restricted range of emotional expression
12.grandoise sense of self importance
15.loss of memory
18.exaggerated feeling of well being
19.instability in interpersonal realtions, mood and self image
24.no loyalty or concern for others: without moral standards
25.vague, uneasy feeling
26.inability to move limbs in a catatonic schizophrenia
28.irrational outbursts and flamboyant behaviour
30.first stage of anxiety
31.excess of this receptor in schizophrenia
32.restlessness, agitation, movement and pacing
35.fixed, false belief, nonlogical, cannot be changed
36.second stage of anxiety
38.third stage of anxiety
39.a reaction to a specific threat, not general
41.an absolute preoccupation with cleanliness

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