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Multiple Sclerosis

Jessica, Karen and Olivia

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4.It is used to relieve spasticity in neurological disorders
7.ringing of the ears
10.Weakness or paralysis of the limbs, trunk, or head
12.Recommended that patients nutrition should be high in ______
14.avoid _________ and other CNS depressants when taking Fluoxetine
15.Fluoxetine is prescribed when patients are feeling ____________.
1.A life-threatening adverse effect of Dantrolene
2.Oxybutynin is used for urinary _________.
3.the ______ in the brain and spinal cord are attacked
5.many Canadians are diagnosed per day with MS
6.Type of drug causes dry mouth
8.The effect of this drug is to improve in the feelings of wellbeing
9.Proper nutrition, _________, and positive attitude will provide good health.
11.provide an access point to health and personal support services to help individuals live independently at home or assist them in making the transition to a long-term care home.
13.Multiple Sclerosis affects this system

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