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Neoplasia- SSL Lecture

Jolene Hedges

Covers Neoplasia lecture material from Dr. SSL's lecture. ND1, Patho I

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2.cell of origin is cartilage
6.melanocyte is cell of origin, never benign, always malignant (mis-named)
7.gloma tissue, involved in thermo regulation
8.lymphatic cells
10.Chromaffin cells of the adrenal gland involved, lots of colors of cells
14.smooth muscle malignant tumor
19.cell of origin: bile duct cells
23.malignant mesenchymal neoplasms (root)
25.lymph vessel, benign
26.neoplasm has firm, gritty consistency, like unripe pear
27.malignant epithelial neoplasms (root)
28.Abnormal cells, but no actual tumor found. Leukemia and Lymphoma are examples of this. (2words, no space)
29.blood vessel
31.filled with fluid, not solid
32.kidney/nephron origin, poorly differentiated, high grade malignant
34.placenta epithelial malignant
35.Always implies cancer
37.number 1 cancer that kills male and females in the US
39.colon, glandular epithelial tissue, malignant (2words, no space)
45.Clinician determines
46.looks like glandular tissue, most common in colon
48.schwann cells
49.can effect the pleua, paricardium, or peritineum
50.placental origin
52.smooth muscle
53.solid mass, not hollow in the middle
54.meninge origin, benign neoplasm
55.When you are able to see the edge of a mass that has spreed into surrounding tissue (_____ invasion)
56.froms in duct
3.skeletal muscle
4.cartilaginous benign
9.finger like
11.greatest killer in males worldwide (2words, no space)
12.slime like or of extra cellular matrix origin
13.Poorly demarcated, metastic, rapidly growing
15.fat connetive tissue, malignant tumor
16.The route in which ovarian cancer cells reach the peritonel & visceral surface
17.neoplasm has ability to harden tissue around it
18.malignant epithelial that did not start in the tissue it is found in (2words, no space)
20.High grade, malignant, thought to arise from embryonic tissues
21.Well demarcated, noninvasive, slow growing
24.cancer of lymphocytes; always malignant (named wrong)
29.Almost always benign, only tissues that would normally be present in that organ
30.Pathologist determines
33.complete dedifferentiation (descriptive term)
36.Malignant tumors look like this vegetable
38.synovial tissue
39.cystic mass that has glandular cell elements
40.lymph vessel
41.greatest cancer killer in females worldwide
42.Made up of all different germ cells in 1 tumor, eptopic, cells don't belong in these tissues
47.forms in gland, forms lobule/ glandular tissue
48.Malignant neoplasia of connective tissue
51.if it ends with ____ it is probably benign

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