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Medical Terminology - Nervous System

Mindy Wray

This crossword puzzle will review the prefixes, combining forms and the suffixes as well as practice with making new medical terms relating to the nervous system.

1 2  
3   4 5            
    6         7      
8                     9          
      11 12  
  13 14                  
        18     19
  22 23          

5.tumor of the spinal cord
6.inflammation of the nerves
8.surgical incision into the crainium
9.combining form meaning branching
10.combining form meaning cerebellum
14.inflammation of the meninges
16.combining form meaning brain
20.pertaining to the vasculature of the cerebrum
21.combining form meaning scanty; few; diminished
23.combining form meaning skull
24.disease of the nerves
2.combining form meaning ventricle
4.combining form meaning nerve
5.combining form meaning meninges
7.abnormal condition of a clot
8.softening of the cerebrum
11.tumor of the meninges
12.central nervous system
13.pertaining to water on the head
15.combining form meaning head
17.combining form meaning cerebrum
19.combining form meaning spinal cord or bone marrow
22.transient ischemic attack

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