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Nuclear Medicine

William Brooks

Introduction to Nuclear Medicne (RADS 3071)

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1.acronym for nuclear regulatory commission
4.American Registry of Radiologic Technologists that promotes high standards of patient care by recognizing qualified individuals
6.discovered that radium gave off light, heat, and electricity.
8.part radionuclide part pharmacuetical
12.invented the scintillation camera in 1958
13.nuclear regulatory commission in place before the NRC.
15."Get on the Bus" refers to
16.acronym for health maintenance organizations
17.shipped the first SPECT camera for FDG/PET imaging in 1995
18.invented iodine-132 and technetium generators in 1957
19.federal program that finances health costs of persons 65 years and older
20.independent non-profit organization established more than 50 years ago governed by physicians, nurses, and consumers.
21.one thousand millicuries equals
22.committee form formed by the American College of Radiologists, the American Society for Medical Technology.
1.founded in 1977 to establish and maintain a voluntary program for certification of Nuclear Medicine Technologist by Nuclear Medicine Technologists.
2.this person provides provides ultimate Nuclear Medicine care without endangering the patient, colleagues, and the environment.
3.quality control program set in place to ensure the proper performance and stability of instrumentation used in diagnostics.
5.As Low as Reasonably Achievable
7.passed in congress in 1948 which provided federal funds to build and renew small hospitals
9.invented emission reconstruction tomogragraphyin 1962
10.this society promotes and encourage research and the advancement of Nuclear Medicine Science.
11.state administered program designed to meet the needs of low-income residents
14.acronym for preferred provider organization

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