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Nuclear Medicine

William Brooks

Principle of Nuclear Medicine

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1.positron emission tomography
3.thallium decays by this method
7.B- and B+ are given off in this interaction
8.as low as reasonably achievable
9.radiation produced outside the nucleus
11.process of removal of an electron from an atom
15.this product is produced by an accelerator (cyclotron) or is a by-product of nuclear fission
16.food and drug administration
17.number of protons determines this product
22.the distance from the top of a wave to a subsequent wave
23.time it takes the body to get rid of radioactivity
26.this element same molecular properties as alpha
27.A.K.A. white blood cells
29.two .511 MeV photons
31.same number of neutrons
32.specific ionization
36.this process is used to assess a drug's safety and effectiveness before making it available to the public
37.same mass number
38.total effective dose equivalent
41.half life of 2.8 days
42.the simplest of all atoms; also called a protium
43.radiation that is produced inside the nucleus
45.process of converting one element into another
1.incoming photon must have an energy greater than 1.02 MeV
2.a negatively charged particle
4.method of separating different substances through the use of a solvent passing over a stationary phase
5.time it takes for half of a radionuclide to decay
6.original radionuclide in any decay method
10.used to indicate that different types of radiation have different effects in humans
11.an electron gets ejected from the atom
12.same number of protons
13.occurs in the inner most shell
14.nuclear regulatory commission
18.linear energy transfer
19.lidofenin, disofenin, and mebrofenin are used to image this organ
20.thickness of any particular material necessary to reduce the intensity of radiation to half of its normal value
21.this pharmaceutical is boiled
24.used to produce short lived radionuclides
25.also known as cardiolyte
28.electrons are slowed down during this process
33..15 uCi of Mo99 per one mCi of Tc99 in a generator eluat
34.this process refers to the pulling of eluate off of a generator
35.number of waves per unit time
39.occurs in the outer most shell, resulting in secondary radiation
40.this radioisotope has a half-life of 78 hours
44.macro aggregated albumin
46.radiation absorbed dose

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