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Radiation Detection

Willaim Brooks

Principles and Practice of Nuclear Medicine: Sodee

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5.amplifies voltage
6.used to detect biological samples
12.surpasse the G-M region and is infinity
14.electronic device that accepts singlr pulses from a radiation detector and counts them
16.thermoluminescent dosimetry
17.if it's not alive; counter cannot respond to another ionizing event
18.increase voltage leads to this region
19.involves more than one circuit; enables simultaneous or sequential counting of radioactivity
20.no pulse height, a plateau is reached; saturation
21.example of a portable dose rate meter
22.above saturation voltage; seen ion pairs--invloves gas amplification
1.used in the method of counting thyroid uptake
2.portable; enclosed volume of gas for detection
3.worn by radiologic personnel for personal radiaiton monitoring
4.device that detects photons; NaI(TI), Ge(Li), Si(Li) are examples
5.converts light energy into electrical energy
7."attraction" of the electrode that cause secondary emission each time a dynode is struck
8.accepts certain pulses and rejects others
9.most widely used detector
10.used to measure radiation in the ionization region
11.pulse height shows no difference as to primary events
13.involves ion pairs collected on the walls of an ion chamber
15.allows increase or decrease amplification

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