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Computer Fundamentals Chapter 12

William Brooks

Principles and Practice of Nuclear Medicine: Sodee

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5.filter used to reject high frequency noise
6.uses 0 and 1 for codes
8.Read Only Memory
10.one of the first reconstruction technique in Nuclear Medicine
12.filter used to rule out low-frequency background
13.requires magnification
14.used on static images to remove statistical fluctuations
19.the brain of a computer
21.unwanted signal
22.uses ferrous material
24.made up of pixels; e.g. 256 x 256
25.highest frequency
26.frequency used to specify bandwidth of a filter
1.Random Access Memory; is temporary
2.spatial and temporal filters
3.most commonly used back projection
4.method of subtracting counts until desired image is obtained
7.strored images built and stored into the computer for preset lenght of time
9.reduces digital raster effect on a static and dynamic image
11.used for dynamic aquisitions
15.all electronic components and gadgetry of a computer
16.equals 8 bits
17.each event is recorded by its existence and location
18.employs numbers as decimals for information
20.uses two pulses having only two discrete voltages
23.central processing unit; rated in megaherz (MHz)

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