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Chapter 11: Nutrient Wise

Charlton Elliott

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1.A condition that results in a severe nutrient shortage.
3.Chemicals that help regulate many vital body processes.They could be soluble by water, unsoluble or soluble by fat.
5.The six major nutrients working together to keep your body in good health.
7.The chains of chemical building blocks located in proteins.
9.Broken down into two subategories: starches and dietary fibre.
11.Fibre that will not dissolve in water.Fond in fruit/vegetable skins.
12.Minerals needed in relatively large amounts.
13.A fat-like substance found in all body cells and needed for many essemtial body processes.
17.Minerals that are important but needed in very small amounts.
18.Disease-fighting nutrients contained in plants.
21.The only form of carbohydrate that does not provide energy.
22.These fatty acids are fats that help decrease the bad/LDL cholesterol.
25.Increases the thickness of the stomach contents.
26.A necessity for life, six major ones.
27.This substance is essental for making hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to all the cells in your body.
28.Sugars that include fructose, maltose and lactose.
29.Major minerals that work together to maintain the body's fluid balance.
30.Occurs when you don't get enough to eat, usually the result of poverty.
31.The body's main source of energy.
32.In some cases this non-living substance may become part of body tissues, such as bone.
2.Sometimes referred to as DRI's.
4.They lack one or more essential amino acids.
6.These fatty acids are fats that lower the bad/LDL cholesterol and increase the good/HDL cholesterol.
8.These fatty acids are fats that raise the bad/LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream.
10.He;ps build bone and maintain bone strength.
14.It makes up most of your body weight.
15.The amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree celsius.
16.They supply all nine essential amino acids.
19.The process in which missing hydrogen atoms are added to an unsaturated fat to make it firmer in texture.
20.Nutrients that help build, repair and maintain body tissues.
23.Too much of this is un healthy, but in moderate amounts it's an important asset to life.
24.Process of breaking down food into usable nutrients, within the body.

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