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OB 2

B. Thompson

1   2   3                 4 5
    6 7    
  8                   9    
12     13  
  14           15          
16                                       17
  21           22  
        23       24        
27                     28            
29         30                  

1.diverts blood from left to right atrium before birth
8.Branch of medicine specializing in pregnancy
9.estimated date delivery
10.first female outward structure developed in puberty
11.first pregnancy
14.day that heart begins to beat
15.first male outward structure noticed in puberty
16.Twins- two sperm-two ovum
18.first step in nursing process
19.foremilk; high in antibodies
20.instrument used to detect fetal heart rate externally
21.craving for non food substances
23.mucous plug
25.descent of fetus into pelvis; allows mother to breathe better
27.inital fetal movements felt by mother
28."Father of Obstetrics"
29.seminal plasma and sperm
30.clear fluid that protects and cushions fetus in uterus
2.transverse ridges found in vagina
3.Identical twins
4.term used to describe excessive vomiting in pregnancy with dehydration
5.upper part of uterus
6.lower narrow part of uterus
12.purplish blue appearance of vagina and cervix
13.male hormone
17.used silver nitrate in newborns eyes to prevent blindness
18.Association of Womens Health, Obstetrics,Neonatal Nurses
21.increased salivation
22.fatty pad protecting symphysis pubis
24.dark pigmenation on face from pregnancy hormones
26.type of ligament that keeps uterus in place during pregnancy

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