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Parenting Chapter 8

Bryan Coyle

Parenting Chapter 8 terms. Pages 152-167

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1.Another substance measured by the second-trimester blood test is _______.
4.Blood tests which are routine during prenatal care.
7.Doctors who specialize in delivering babies.
14.The weight of the fetus in this month may be 5-10 lbs.
15.Another name for the three segments which pregnancy is divided into.
16.The price of this birth, including prenatal care, averages about $5,000.
18.Another name for a zygote.
22.The weight of the fetus in this month may be 1-2 oz.
23.Having too few red blood cells.
25.Extends from the embru at the navel and connects to the placenta.
26.The weight of the fetus in this month may be 12 oz. - 2 lbs.
28.A person trained to care for women low-risk pregnancies and to deliver their babies.
29.The weight of the fetus in this month may be 3-5 lbs.
30.The weight of the fetus in this month may be 2-3 lbs.
2.Tissue attached to the uterine wall.
3.First test for birth defects that may be performed during pregnancy.
5.The fluid-filled pouch in which the embryo is cushioned.
6.The price of this birth may be $3,000 or higher.
8.The product of a sperm and ovum uniting.
9.The weight of the fetus in this month may be 2-5 oz.
10.Another name for an unborn child.
11.The absence of this is a common sign of pregnancy.
12.The weight of the fetus in this month may be 5-12 oz.
13.A common physical discomfort that can show up during the second trimester.
17.Drawing fluid from the amniotic sac by inserting a fine needle into the mother's abdomen is called amniocentesis.
19.Most women experience this as the time of delivery approaches; The fetus drops lower in the abdomen.
20.This is the highlight of the second trimester.
21.The spontaneous expulsion of the fetus from the uterus.
24.The most common procedure during pregnancy.
27.This substance can indicate a greater likelihood of having a baby with Down syndrome.

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