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Utilize your textbook, workbook and fellow teammates to correctly complete the puzzle

1 2 3                           4   5
      7 8 9    
        10 11                         12      
          14 15         16        
20           21          
22     23                
25               26                       27  
29           30       31                      
33               34        

3.increased reaction to the sunlight
11.conditions for which a drug should not be given
13.where we get drugs from(2 words)
14.a special coating that resists gastric juices
18.drugs or foods that may alter the effect of a drug
22.amount of drug given for a particular therapeutic or desired effect
24.allergic response to a drug
25.warrants closer observation
26.the study of drugs, their origin, nature, properties & effects
29.a prescription medication(2 words)
31.moving the drug from the bloodstream into the tissues and fluids
32.common or general name for a drug(2 words)
33.what is the drug used for
35.eliminating waste products of drug metabolism
36.water based, waterlike solutions
37.impaired hearing as a side effect of a drug
1.getting into the bloodstream
2.thick or oily solution
4.effect from maternal drug administration
5.effect of the drug(2 words)
6.type of preparation in which a drug can be supplied(2 words)
7.opposite effect from that expected
8.the way a drug is administered, how it is taken
9.possible unpleasant secondary effects(2 words)
10.damage to the kidneys as the result of a medication
12.unique, unusual response to a drug
15.controlled substances with a chance of addiction
16.drug categories
17.a model example, typifies the characteristics of that classification
19.an IV push
20.pharmaceutical company identification of a drug(2 words)
21.rules set to make sure drugs are all the same(2words)
23.what occurs in the cells as a result of a given drug
27.physical and chemical changes a substance undergoes in the body
28.descreased response to a drug
30.acquired need for a drug
34.abbreviation for agency that monitors workplace safety

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