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1 2
3     4
  6       7          
8           9                           10
21                         22                  

6.research method used to collect data by asking questions of people in a particular group
8.statement that attempts to explain why things are the way they are and happen the way they do
9.school of psychology that focuses on how mental processes help organisms adapt to envirenment
12.perspective that emphasizes the influence of biologyon behavior
13.perspective that examines the effects of ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status oh human behavior
15.school of psychology that maintains that human behavior is determined by incounscious motives
17.psychologist who focus on helping people with psychilogical disorders like anxiety and depression
20.psychologist who study the psychological effects of the envirenment on peoples behavior
21.psychologist who believed that experience is a fluid and continuous "stream of consciousness"
22.perspective that stresses the improtance of human consciousness, self-awareness, and the capasity to make choices.
23.school of psychology that maintains that organisms behave in certain ways because they are reinforced for doing so
24.school of psychology concerned with discovering the basic elements of conscious experience
1.private mental processes
2.persective that stresses the influence of unconscious forces on human behavior
3.scientific study of behavoir and mental processes
4.introduced the concept of reinforcment
5.any action that can be observed or measured
7.psychologist who are involved in preparing standardized test
10.perspective that stresses the effects of experience on behavior
11.pyschologist who deal with adjustment problems
14.individual who established first psychology laboratory in germany
16.psychologist who work within the criminal system
18.psychologist who conduct research into basic processes like the function of the nervous system or sensation and perception
19.ancient greek who believed that people could learn much about themselves through introspection

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