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Respiration and Digestion

Jennifer Hubert

1 2
4                         5
    9   10            
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4.(two words) this is the maximum amt. your lungs can hold after DEEP breathing
6.real butter and crisco are this type of lipid
8.(2 words) where all digested food is finally absorbed into the blood stream
10.enzyme produced in stomach
11.type of food nutrient used for "long term" energy
12.two branches off the trachea
13.large intestine removes most of this from feces
14.exchange of gases between air and lungs is _______ respiration
15.site of protein digestion
18.type of lipid that flows easier through arteries and therefore is considered the better choice of lipids for health reasons.
23.calculated value in the balloon lab found by (1.33)(pi)(r)^3
26.thin walled small sacs where O2 and CO2 change places
27.enzyme produced in mouth
28.meat, eggs, cheese and beans all contain a large amt. of this food nutrient
1.flap that covers trachea when swallowing
2.(2 words) this is the amt. of air left in your lungs after you exhale
3.type of food nutrient used for energy
5.smaller branches off the two bronchi
7.abdominal muscle responsible for breathing
9.when the diaphragm _______ and moves lower into the abdomen, the air can fill with outside air
16.site of lipid digestion (hint: starts with a "d")
17.enzyme produced in liver
19.________ volume os the amt. air air you normally breath in
20.measurement taken in the balloon lab
21.site of carbohydrate digestion
22.small fingers in the small intestine where absorption of digested nutrients actually occurs to nourish the body
24.our cells exchange carbon dioxide (CO2) for this gas in the air
25.type of carb we cannot digest but needed to add bulk to our food and help us feel full.

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