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Sex and Gender

Amanda and Kaileen

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4.One who is attracted to the same sex, can be a man and man, or a woman and woman
6.One who is attracted to both sexes
8.Points out that children actively observe,interpret and judge the world around them,creating internal rules
10.One who adopts the dress and behavior typical of the opposite sex
12.Primary erotic attraction toward members of the opposite sex, the same sex, or both sexes
14.Combining characteristics considered typically male with characteristics considered typically female
18.One who feels that they feel as though they are members of the opposite sex imprisoned in the wrong body
19.Male internal accessory organ
20.Sociatal expectations for normal and appropriate male and female behavior
1.breasts, facial/armpit hair, deep voice, wide hips,etc
2.Self identification as either a man or a woman
3.Female external genital
5.Emphasizes the power of the immediate situation and observable behaviors on gender role development
7.One who is attracted to the opposite sex
9.Male external genital
11.Biological maleness and femaleness, including chromosomal sex; also, activities related to sexual behaviors, such as masturbation and intercourse
13.Female gonads
15.Psychological and sociocultural meanings added to biological maleness or femaleness
16.Female internal accessory organ
17.Male gonads

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