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Crossword- Review

By: Katie Elias and Sonia D'Angelo

Answer the following questions accordingly using the clues provided.

1 2
3 4                

4.What is the type of shin splint called where it occurs on the inside of the leg along the tibia?
7.What is the common name for anterior compartment syndrome?
8.Pain can be indicated on the toe when the foot is?
9.Front or inside of the shin is known as?
10.what is the type of shin splint called where it occurs in the front portion of the tibia?
1.What does the letter "C" stand for in the R.I.C.E therapy?
2.One of the contributions to shin splints can be?
3.Shin splints are usually a common problem in?
5.Another word for over pronated foot is?
6.Shin splints involve small tears in the leg muscle. What is the common name of the bone they are attached to?

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