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The Skeletal System

Mrs. Gendron - Health Class Grade 5

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4.your backbone
7.the large bone in your upper arm between your shoulder and elbow
8.the smaller bones that make up your wrist
12.your collar bone
14.your knee cap
15.this bone in your lower jaw allows you to chew your food
16.the bones between your ankle and toes
18.the many bones in your ankle
19.the front center bone of your chest where the ribs connect
20.one of the lower bones of your arm between your elbow and thumb
1.long upper leg bone between your hip and knee
2.smaller of the two lower leg bones along the outside
3.the top bone of the lower leg between your knee and ankle
5.the bones between your wrist and fingers
6.large bone to which your legs are attached
9.toes and fingers
10.the bones that enclose and protect the brain
11.the set of bones that enclose and protect the heart and lungs
13.one of the lower bones of your arm between your elbow and little finger
17.your shoulder blade

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