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Skeleton, Muscles, and Bones

Brad Gallant

1 2 3
    4 5  
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  20                   21

6.largest bone in the body
8.reduces friction at the end of the bones, also in your ears and nose
9.joint that is meant to work like a door
11.fingers and toes
16.outer layer of the skin; replaces itself constantly
17.differently shaped for men and women
18.material inside bones that produce a lot of red blood cells
20.membrane colvering the bones
22.second skin layer; has hair folicles, oil, nerves, and sweat glands
23.joint that slides flat on another flat spot; the spine or metacarpals
1.bones that make up the spine
2.collar bone
3.attaches muscles to bones
4.other leg bone
5.hip or shoulder joint
7.joint that doesn't move...hence the name!
10.chew, chew, chew
12.connected to the funny bone (HaHa)
13.large bone protecting the head
14.holds bones together at the joint
15.pigment in the epidermis that protects the skin from sun damage and gives color
19.protects many vital organs
21.shin bone

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