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Spread the Words, Not Germs!

Jennifer Rabalais

This puzzle will let you use words you learn during your inservice on Isolation for Infection Prevention.

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1.no longer clean or sterile
4.precautions used for everyone
10.carried by the blood or found in the blood
12.the kind of transmission that happens when large particles float a short distance
13.the most important part of infection prevention
15.the virus that causes AIDS
18.the separation of infected persons from others
20.eye protection
22.effective ingredient in hand sanitizer gel
23.one of the smallest organisms that can cause disease
24.a drug resistant organism
2.a airborne disease transmitted by coughing
3.covers mouth and nose
5.formed by C. difficile
6.goes with water when washing hands
7.to destroy all organisms
8.taking steps to avoid an unwanted outcome
9.inflammation of the liver, often caused by viruses
11.what happens when germs fight back against antibiotics
14.covering of cloth or paper to protect clothes from contamination
16.the precautions you use when a person has an infected draining wound
17.the kind of transmission that happens when small particles float around
19.the kind of mask NEVER put on a patient
20.worn to protect hands while caring for patients
21.needles and razors are examples of these

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