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Still Births

Jennifer Pluta

How to grieve a loss of a Child.

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4.I did something wrong
6.A sickness women get after childbirth
7.Someone dealing with relgion who see people in Hospitals
9.Prescribed Drugs
12.Number 1 killer of babies in the womb
14.Don't be afraid to show emotion
16.Family and friends give you
17.A therapist is used for
18.Get's put on farm feilds to kill bugs
20.First reaction of a loss
23.The ablity to reconnect with life
24.Can this really be happening
25.Abnormalities with the baby
27.Don't hold back tears
28.To View the baby in the womb
29.Heretity plays a role
30.I can't live anymore
1.When you feel out of control
2.This happend for a reason
3.Can wrap around babies neck in womb
5.Another name for StillBirth
8.Physical, Mental, or Emotional
10.Kinda of diabetes that is worse
11.A place to go and pray
13.what can be preformed to find out what happend
15.Not a normal Pregnacy
19.A baby born dead
20.A baby dies while sleeping
21.Cramping, redness, bleeding, and fever
22.A bad Habit people do
26.people you can turn too for support

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