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Stress Management

Mr. Levesque

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8.Time management is characterized as setting your ________
9.Anything that cause you stress
12.Weather is a type of _______ stressor
13.There are physical, emotional, and ________ symptoms of stress
17.Relaxation technque we did in class
18.Taking responsibility for your life
19.A good way to stay organized in class, is to take detailed _______
20.Seek 1st to _________ then to be understood
22._______is when the body is in equilibrium
25._________ help you stay organized in school
28.7-9 hours of sleep helps to relieve ________
30.What do or don't I have control over
1._______ Improves your outlook on life
2.What is the 1st phase of GAS
3.A passive communicator is like a _________
4.Good stress
5.What is the acronym for fight or flight
6.The act of staying neat and productive
7.The best way to communicate
10.Ways you can help your body handle stress, nutrition, physical Activity, and ________
11.Some thing that should be completely cut out of your diet
14.The best way to listen
15.Leading cause of death
16.Taking time to put a stressful situation into perspective
21.A agressive communticator only cares about ________
23.A strong _________ network helps us cope with stress
24.Long term stress
26.You should take time everday to _________
27.Negative way to manage stress
29.A _______ list helps you to stay organized

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