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37     38 39                     40
      42         43     44 45                    
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52                 53                

3.Risk factor for TB infection (2 words)
8.Analyze disease status (2 words)
9.Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
10.Granuloma which is stable and effectively limits the
12.Tuberculosis is caused by ______ (2 words)
14.900mg twice weekly (2 words)
16.Monitorin for chemoprophylaxis (2 words)
17.Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
18.First line oral antituberculosis agent
19.Positive test in tissue or fluid specimen (three times)
20.Constitutional symptom of TB (2 words)
23.Treatment period for patients with HIV infection (2 words)
26.Preferred agent for chemoprophylaxis
27.Type of therapy initiated for chemophophylaxis of
28.Area of lung commonly infected upon reactivation of TB
31.Best drug to use for mycobacteria within caseating
32.Coughing up blood
33.Rupture of caseous liquefaction material containing mycobac
34.Isoniazid (abbr)
35.TB is transmitter from person to person as _______ (2 words)
39.Injectable antituberculosis agent
41.First line oral antituberculosis agent
42.Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
45.Risk factor for TB infection (2 words)
46.Risk factor for TB infection
51.Nonpharmacologic therapy used to prevent spread of the disease
52.Duration of initial phase of treatment (2 words)
54.Duration of chemoprophylaxis with isoniazid resistance (2 words)
55.Site of deposit of tuberculosis bacilli upon initial infection
56.Time to develop antibodies to TB and allow a more effective (2 words)
1.Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
2.Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
4.Nonpharmacologic means to identify where the (2 words)
5.Goal of therapy
6.Nonpharmacolgical therapy used to support the (2 words)
7.First line oral antituberculosis agent
11.Secondary or Disseminated tuberculosis (2 words)
13.First line oral antituberculosis agent
15.100 fold greater risk factor for developing active TB disease
21.Can be substituted for rifampin in HIV patients
22.Granuloma with cheese-like appearance and necrotic center
24.Resurgence in the late 80's was due to ___
25.Additional meds added to antibiotics for treatment of
29.Given to reduce incidence of side effects of isoniazid
30.TB that isn't destroyed multiply in the ____ and are released
36.Can be discontinued once susceptibilities are available if
37.Shortest duration of treatment for chemoprophylaxis (2 words)
38.Drug used with isoniazid resistance
40.Duration of treatment with only three drugs (2 words)
43.Injectable antituberculosis agent
44.Duration of treatment for chemoprophylaxis of HIV patients (2 words)
47.Skin test using purified tuberculin protein derivative
48.At least _____ drugs are used with multi Drug-Resistant
49.Number of months to continue treatment w/ multi drug-resistance
50.Constitutional symptom of TB
53.Asymptomatic infection

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