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The Urinary System

The terms in here are related to the Urinary System, which is made up of two kidney, two ureters, one urinary bladder, and a single urethra.
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2.failure to complete or normally void urine
4.absence of one or more kidney
7.the salts in the urine that solidify into stones
10.the act which urine is expelled from the urinary bladder
12.a doughnut-shaped gland inferior to the urinary bladder
13.bed wetting
15.areolar connective tissue with elastic fibers and a plexus of vein
17.external to the peritoneal lining of the abdominal cavity
20.floating kidney
23.inability to hold urine inside the bladder
24.the functional parts of any organ, as opposed to tissue that forms it stoma
28.circular muscle
29.the ultimate kidney
31.a ball formed of small blood capillaries
34.bacteria found within the urine
35.painful urination
37.the outer layer of the kidney
38.composed of inner longitudinal and outer circular layers of smooth muscle fibers
39.a sac in the lower part of your body; stores urines
40.blood found within the urine
41.diseases of the kidney
1.an absence of urine
3.the inner tissue area of the kidney
5.the space between the basement membrane and pedicel
6.the wastes that is collected combines with water
9.footlike structures
11.wastes found within urine
14.hernia of the urinary bladder
16.the first kidney to form
18.inflammation of the trigone area of the bladder
19.tissue that contains blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerves
21.a cavity in the center of the kidney
22.long loop-shaped capillaries
25.the balance between the volume of fluids and mineral in the body
26.presence of urea or other nitrogenous elements in the blood
27.wastes found within blood
30.scanty urine production; little urination
32.the middle part of the kidney
33.a tube that carries the urine out of your body
36.a thin tube that takes urine from the kidney to the bladder

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