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Women's Health

Bergen, Biechy, Byer, Wright


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  6                       7 8
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4.Incidence of ____ cancer is higher in white women than African-American women
5.Hyde Amendment excluded payment for abortions for rlow-income women through ______
6.Women in low _____ groups lack awareness about importance of taking folic acid
9.BMI is the relationship of body weight and _____
11.____ ___ intake can significantly reduce neural tube defects by 50-70%
12.Women's ______ involves health promotion, maintenance, & restoration
15.Gestational dabete mellitus is characterized by _________ intolerance
16.Female genital mutilation are associated with _______ rates
17.Estimated > 240,000 women die of _____ ______ each year
19.Women's health advocates argue for prenatal care to include _______ counseling
20.______ cancer is the third lading cause of cancer death in women
23.Margaret ______ led the birth control movement
24.Depression and ____ are twice more likely to affect women than men
25.Injecting _____ increase a woman's risk of acquiring AIDS
1.BMI is now the medical standard for determining ______
2.Glucose tolerance tests are an example of _________ prevention
3.Women with disabilities are thought to endure _____ longer
7.______ disease ranks first for women discharged from the acute care setting
8.Every one 1 out of 2 American women > 50 yrs. will experience an osteoporosis-related ______
10.Hormone replacement therapy treats _____ effects of menopause
13.Falling levels of _______ contribute to loss of bone
14.Diets rich in calcium and vitamin D slow the progression of ________
18.Referred to as the change of life in a woman
21.Second leading cause of death among all women
22.________ make up the largest proportion of the older population in the U.S.

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