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History of Africa from 500bc-1650bc

Mr. Snarey

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1.storytellers of early West Africa (pg 340)
4.rival empire to Mali (pg 337)
9.ruler who made Timbuktu flourish (pg 338)
11.these were sent to study in Morocco (pg 335)
12.Muslim group that weakened Ghana to collapse (pg 330)
14.new crop introduced by Sundiata (pg 334)
16.other armies had weapons made of this (pg 327)
18.traded with Songhai because of similar religion (pg 337)
20.The Songhai capital (pg 337)
21.set up by Askia to help maintain order in Songhai (pg 338)
22.empire that lay between Niger and Senegal Rivers (pg 326)
25.very important trade city for Mali (pg 335)
26.ruler of Mali (pg 334)
28.son of Mansa, weakened the Mali empire (pg 337)
31.a valuable resource for trade, used on food (pg 327)
33.group of families that were farmers (pg 326)
34.the first people of Ghana participated in this activity (pg 326)
35.trade resource that came from the south (pg 329)
2.religious world Mansa Musa introduced Mali to (pg 335)
3.tells the history of Ghana (pg 341)
5.the area where Mali lay which allowed people to control trade on the river (pg 334)
6.a third factor for Ghana's decline (pg 330)
7.spoken record of past events (pg 340)
8.most famous Mali ruler (pg 335)
10.a process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly (pg 328)
13.kings acted as these when conquored by Ghana, answering only to the King (pg 330)
15.the empire reached it's peak under this king (pg 330)
17.a second reason for Ghana's decline (pg 330)
19.short sayings of wisdom of truth (pg 341)
23.religion of Songhai rulers (pg 337)
24.powerful empire that controled the Niger River (pg 334)
27.another city that became a center of learning (pg 338)
28.a building for Muslim prayer (pg337)
29.a valuable resource for trade (pg 327)
30.hand-woven, brightly colored fabric (pg 343)
32.metal that helped Ghana gain strength (pg 327)

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