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Alabama in Conflict

Ngina Duvra

1 2   3      
4 5                          
7         8           9          
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2.Withdraw or leave
4.Wanted Alabama to leave Union immediately
7.President of the Confederate States.
11.a long period of rebuilding
12.abolished slavery throught the United States
17.a tax on goods that are brought into one country from another to be sold
19.provisional governor of Alabama
21.Delegates met here to discuss whether to secede
22.a person appointed or elected to act or speak on behalf of others
24.wanted to abolish, or end slavery
25.Also known as the Confederate States of America
1.Freed enslaved people in the Confederate States
3.Northerners who moved to the south and supported Reconstruction
5.Basic system a society needs in order to function
6.A person who is injured, killed, or captured during a war
8.Unit of soldiers
9.elected President in 1860, wanted to abolish slavery
10.Head of military supplies for the Confederacy
13.People of farmed land that belonged to someone else
14.Southerners who supported Reconstruction
15.limited the rights of African Americans
16.The process of making goods by hand or with machines
18.African Americans who once had been enslaved
20.Another name for the United States
23.Important military supply center, close to mineral resources, good river and railroad transportation

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