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Chapter 12 Americn History

1       2                 3         4        
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40                     41    
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        45             46     47
  48   49                  
50                 51        
54                   55                    

1.vast area of flat or gently rolling land from France to Russia
6.person who wants a region to break away from the nation it was part of
7.German head of state during WWII
8.largest country in Western Europe
9.ruler of Spain
10.people of northern Scandinavia who herd reindeer
15.languages that developed from the Roman language, Latin
17.peninsula that includes Spain and Portugal
19.economic union formed by Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
20.murder of Jews by Nazis in WWII
23.successful effort by Spanish to drive out the Moors
25.group of Muslims from North Africa who conquered Spain in the 8th century
27.Spanish dish of seafood, meat and vegetables mixed with yellow rice
28.Italian navigator who discovered the Indies, the New World
30.famous landmark in Paris
31.territory ruled by a duke or duchess
33.an alliance or partnership
38.ethnic group living in the western Pyrenees and Bay of Biscay in Spain
39.social system where government provides needs to its citizens
40.key industry of France
42.organization of European nations
43.Religion of most people of Austria, Spain and Portugal
45.one of the poorest nations in Europe
49.official language of Netherlands
50.One of Spain's languages
52.One of Spain's languages
54.bring something that has been separated back together
55.French holiday on July 14 where they celebrate their nation
56.rice made in Italy
57.city in northern Italy famous for its fashion shows
58.language of Portugal
59.Finland's most plentiful natural resource
2.electricity made by water-powered engines.
3.current government of Portugal and France
4.government of Spain after Franco's death
5.pride in and loyalty to one's nation
12.government of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany
13.eastern half of the Roman Empire that survived after fall of Rome
14.coffee house in Greece
16.Dictator of Spain for 40 years
18.land reclaimed by draining it of water with the use of a dam and pump
21.having to do with Alps mountain range
22.emperor of France in 1800s
24.economic system in which the production of goods and services is decided by supply and demand
26.sponsored Christopher Columbus' voyages to the New World
29.very common form of transportation and recreation in Netherlands
32.largest population in Western Europe
34.official who investigates citizens' complaints against the government
35.able to speak many languages
36.wall that closed off East Berlin from West Berlin
37.most powerful German state in Holy Roman Empire
41.Spain's most famous traditional sport
44.self-governance or independence
46.one of smallest countries in Europe
47.policy of not taking part in war
48.political philosophy that promotes blind loyalty to the state and controlled by dictator
51.official residence of the pope in Vatican city
52.seafaring Scandinavian people in the 9th to 11th centuries
53.language shared by Germany, Austira, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

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