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Social Studies Vocabulary Words Puzzle

Joey Lee

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1.An object made by someone in the past.
4.A plant or animal that no longer exists.
7.An extra supply of something, such as crops that are not needed immediately for food.
8.An instrument used to break and turn soil before planting crops.
11.The overthrow of an existing government and its replacement with another; any sudden or very great change.
13.The period before events were recorded in writing.
14.The period beginning 12,000 years ago and ending 6,000 years ago.
15.An idea or explanation of something for which there is evidence but no final proof.
18.The remains or imprintsof something for which there is evidence but no ginal proof.
19.The raising of crops and animals for human use,
21.To carefully dig up, as in an archaeological site.
22.A record of the past, based on information from primary sources.
24.A person of the Old Stone Age who met his needs by hunting animals and gathering plants.
25.The gradual wearing away of soil and rock by wind, glaciers, or water.
26.The story or record of what has happend in the past.
27.A farming method involving the cutting of trees, then the burning of them to provide ash-enriched soil for the planting of crops.
2.The use of skills and tools to meet practical human needs.
3.Something born from an ancestor.
5.A great sheet of ice that moves slowly over a land surface.
6.The study of the remains of past cultures.
9.To train plants or animals to be useful to people.
10.A time period stretching from 2.5 million years ago to about 12,000 years ago.
12.A first hand account of an event or an artifact created during the period being studied.
16.To move from one place to another to live, especially a large group of people.
17.The passing on of history, beliefs, or customs by word of mouth.
20.A level platform of earth built into a hillside, usually used for farming.
23.A relative from the distance past.

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