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Chapter 20 Crossword

Anida Sundara

2       3   4   5              
    6   7
      8   9        
10                           11        
13                       14          
17   18                             19             20  
      22 23        
          25 26  
  28 29                   30    
32                 33    
38       39            

2.Japanese _________ technology was the first major impact of the Europeans
5.Yangban means ________
9.High grade blue on white porcelain used by China's upperclass
10.Russian tsar (r.1689-1725)
11.Russia became one of the major powers of Europe by ________.
13.Chinese rebel leader
14.The Chinese influenced __________
17.(1600-1868) last of the three shogunates in Japan
19.The Ming and Qing empire eventually ________.
21.Japanese emperors resides in the capital city of ____________
24.Reigns of the Kangxi and Qianlong emperors were a period of great economic, military, and cultural _________ in China
27.Empire bases on China that ZhuYuanzhang established after the overthrow of the Yuan Empire
29.In late 17th century, Edo had nearly a million ___________
31.Russian title for monarch
32.River valley that was contested frontier between northern China and eastern Russia
34.mountain range that is considered the boundary between the continents of Europe and Asia
35.Manchu had gained control of south China and incorporated the island __________
36.Japanese warlords and great landowners
37.Year of death of Hideyoshi
38.Time period Japan experienced civil war
39.________ among different daimyo was common
1.Empire established in China by Manchus who overthrew the Ming Empire in 1644
3.Ingenious covered warships
4.In 1700's there was an inability to stabilize ___________ prices
6.Japan experienced _________ major changes
7.The influx of _________ led many Chinese to dues
8.(1792-1793) unsuccessful attempt by the British Empire
12.Peoples of the Russian Empire who lived outside the farming villages
14.In mid-1600's Japan had direct contact with ________
15.Known today as Tokyo
16.Outstanding Jesuit of late Ming China
17.___________ established new military government. (first and last name)
18.Qing emperor
20.The Qing were eager to expand China's ___________ influence
22.Extreme northeastern section of Asia
23.Portugeuse and Spanish ships brought __________ missionaires
25.Emperors and shoguns symbolize ________ unity, but lacked political power.
26.Agricultural laborers
28.The Chinese who escorted Macartney and his entourage in 1792-1793 took them through China's prosperous cities hand productive ____________
30."those who serve"
33.federation of Northeast Asian peoples who founded the Qing Empire

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