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Aztec and Renaissance History

Haileybury College

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3.Name of Aztec leader. He headbutted a rock.
5.Donna Marina did this job for the Spanish
6.Country in which the Reformation began.
8.Believed the Earth orbited the Sun
9.Portugeuse explorer. He went to India.
14.Aztec god who was said to return
16.What 'renaissance' literally translates to...
18.Name of area of "Middle/Mexican America"
19.Number of theses nailed to a Church door
20.Religion that started in the Renaissance
24.Name of America, unknown to the Europeans
25.Country with whom the Spanish competed for exploration
29.How Aztec capital was connected to mainland
30.Clan or community of 100 Aztec people
32.Portugese explorer. He cut a lap of Africa in 1448
33.Da Vinci's sketches in this field helped medicine
34.It lasted 75 days
1.Name of tribe Cortez first had to defeat
2.Ancient people, before the Aztecs
4.The pretend reason why the Spanish conquered the Aztecs
5.Mob that teamed up with the Spanish against the Aztecs
7.Way of thinking that promoted self belief and science.
10.Invented movable type printing press
11.Family that paid artists to create for Florence.
12.Name of Aztec capital
13.Boom town of Italy during the Renaissance.
15.Spice used by the Aztecs, now popular
17.Name of reclaimed land on a swamp
21.Bumped into "West Indies" in 1492
22.Head of the Catholic Church
23.Way of piping fresh water to Aztec capital
26.First large scale printed book
27.Disease that Aztecs battled against
28.The real reason why the Spanish conquered the Aztecs
29.Diego Velazquez was the governor of Hispanola, now....
31.Started a religious revolution

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