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Black History

Joe and Thomas

Use the clues to find the answers

  2 3
  8     9                    

4.The president named thsi person to be the first black to hold a seat on the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land.
5.Becasue this person led so many slaves to freedom, he or she was sometimes called by the nickname Moses.
9.his person served three years in reform school for attempted burglary before writing many famous rock-and-roll songs.
10.n 1962, this person became the first black player iducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
11.This person invented a machine, called a "lasting machine," that stitched the leather of a shoe to its sole.
12.One of 13 children, this person's birthname was Isabella Baumfree.
13.his person started a school in Alabama where balck children could learn skills such as shoemaking and farming.
14.This person worked at a childcare center before becoming a well-known political figure.
15.his person's performance at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games made him famous.
1.When this person was just a few weeks old, he and hsi smother were kidnapped. His mother was sold into slavery.
2.This person sang in church choirs while growing up as the grand-daughter of two Methodist ministers.
3.This person refused to give up a seat on the bus. That led to a 382-day bus boycott by black people in Montgomery.
6.This person started a newspaper called "The North Star"
7.his person was a doctor who spent two eyars working with poor people in Africa before she went on to become famous.
8.Nation of Islam minister at one time, this person was assassinated while giving a speech in 1965.

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