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Burma Shave!

Timmy Misiura

See if you can complete the jingles....

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4.He had the ring he had the ________ but she felt his chin and that was that Burma-Shave
5.Cutie invited varsity ________ Guy full of whiskers party a flop Burma-Shave
7.The bearded lady tried a jar she's now a famous __________ star Burma-Shave
10.Your ___________, boys is just skin deep what skin you've got you ought to keep Burma-Shave
11.Dewhiskered ____________ defrost the misses Burma-Shave
15.Are your whiskers when you wake tougher than a two-bit ____________ try Burma-Shave
16.Your shaving brush has had its day so why not shave the _________ way with Burma-Shave
18.Half a pound for _______ a dollar at the drug store simply holler Burma-Shave
19.Lawyers, doctors, sheiks and bakers mountaineers and ___________________ make their bristly beards behave by using brushless Burma-Shave
21.He played the sax had no B.O. but his whiskers __________ so she let him go Burma-Shave
23.Batchelor's quarters dog on the rug whiskers to _________ no one to hug Burma-Shave
27.The living __________ are upward bound four bits still buys half a pound Burma-Shave
28.Every shaver now can __________ six more minutes than before by using Burma-Shave
29.Every second without fail some store rings up another ___________ Burma-Shave
31.If you don't know whose signs these are you can't have ________ very far Burma-Shave
34.Noah had whiskers in the ark but he wouldn't get by on a ____________ in the park Burma-Shave
35.The answer to a maiden's ____________ is not a chin of stubby hair Burma-Shave
1.If you think she likes your bristles ________ bare-footed through some thistles Burma-Shave
2.Beneath this __________ lies Elmer Gush tickled to death by his shaving brush Burma-Shave
3.At Christmas time and birthdays ________ we solve your problems right for you give Burma-Shave
5.Shaving brush and soapy smear went out of style with _________ my dear Burma-Shave
6.Half a pound for half a ________ come on shavers your're in luck Burma-Shave
7.You'll love your wife you'll love her paw you'll even love your ___________ -in-law if you use Burma-Shave
8.Early to bed early to rise was meant for those old ___________ guys who don't use Burma-Shave
9.Pity all the mighty ___________ they pulled each whisker out with tweezers Burma-Shave
12.If you're just an ________ man wanting to look the best you can use Burma-Shave
13.Half a pound for half a ________ spread on thin above the collar Burma-Shave
14.Shaving brushes you'll soon see 'em on the shelf in some __________ Burma-Shave
17.If substitution he should try just look that clerk right in the eye and _____________ Burma-Shave
18.Does your _____________ misbehave grunt and grumble rant and rave shoot the brute some Burma-Shave
20.When cutting whiskers you don't need to leave one half of them for ________ Burma-Shave
22.College boys! Your courage muster shave off that fuzzy __________ duster Burma-Shave
23.The game laws ought to let you shoot the ______ who hands you a substitute Burma-Shave
24.To get away from hairy __________ ladies jump from fire escapes Burma-Shave
25.Eeny-meeny miny-mo save your skin, your time, your _________ Burma-Shave
26.Keep ______ to the right of the oncoming car get your close shaves from the half-pound jar Burma-Shave
30.If your hubby trumps your ______ here's something that will save his face Burma-Shave
32.Tho stiff the beard that _________ gave it shaves like down with Burma-Shave
33.A shave that's real no cuts to heal a soothing __________ after feel Burma-Shave

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