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Parts of a Castle

K. Steele

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3.a notched battlement made up of alternate crenels and merlons
5.a narrow wall along the outer edge of the wall walk to protect soldiers against attack
6.a castle wall enclosing a courtyard
8.courtyard or bailey
9.protective wall at the top of a castle
10.latrine (toilet)
14.circular or polygonal end of a tower or chapel
16.vertical sliding wooden grille shod with iron, hung in front of a gateway, let down to protect the gate
17.the jail, usually found in one of the towers
20.the inner stronghold of the castle
21.passage behind the parapet of a castle wall
1.a wooden bridge capable of being raised or lowered
2.open area in the center of a castle
4.main living quarters of a medieval castle or house
7.A narrow vertical slit cut into a wall so arrows could be fired through from inside
10.all the towers, bridges, and barriers built to protect each entrance
11.a small tower at the end of a curtain wall or in the middle of the outside wall
12.the area along the tops of the walls where soldiers could defend the castle
13.courtyard within the walls of the castle
15.the inner stronghold (keep) of a castle
18.a deep trench usually filled with water that surrounded a castle
19.a small tower above and on one of the main towers, usually used as a look out point

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