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Causes of the Civil War

Preston Brooks

Events and individuals that led the U.S. to its Civil War.

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2.The first and only president of the Confederacy.
3.The first state to secede from the Union.
8.The Compromise of 1850 allowed this state to enter the union as a free state.
9.How many candidates ran for President in 1860.
10.He believed that a state had the right to ignore a federal law.
13.A temporary solution to the slavery problem in 1820.
15.A preview of the Civil War in 1856.
16.The belief that the citizens of each new state should decide on the issue of slavery
17.His majority decision in the Dred Scott case classified slaves as property.
1.A last ditch effort to avoid war and return the U.S. to the Missouri Compromise decision.
2.Slaughtered civilians in Pottawatomie Creek Kansas
4.Harriett Beecher Stowe's book about the cruel institution of slavery.
5.Led a raid at Harper's Ferry, hoping to start a slave revolt.
6.The Republican party's candidate in 1860.
7.Helping a runaway slave became a _____________________ under the Fugitive Slave Law.
11.He nearly beat Charles Sumner to death following his anti-slavery speech.
12.Wouldn't allow slavery in any territory taken from Mexico.
14.The South's peculiar institution.

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