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Chapter 8 The Muslim Empires

Dr. Reimer

Name: ____________________________ Block: _____

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4.a time of lack of governmental direction, chaos and confusion
6.countries that compose the southeastern peninsula in Western Europe
10.The equivalent of a Prime Minister for the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (2 Words)
12.Holy city of Islam, city where Muhammad first say success in his conversion of people to Islam
13.Ottoman territorial governor
15.Muslim political leader of a country or Empire
16.successor to Babur
18.Holy city sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims
19.Personal residence within a palace of a Sultan and his family
20.Geographical location which was the traditional home of the Ottoman Empire (2 Words)
22.British Soldier/Diplomat responsible for Britain’s takeover of India (3 Words)
23.mausoleum built to memorialize his favorite wife built by Shah Jahan (2 Words)
24.Territorial empire held together by force of arms rather than loyalty to a person or ideal (2 Words)
1.path that leads through the Hindu Kush Mountains to the Deccan Plateau (2 Words)
2.founder of the Mogul Dynasty in India
3.name given to Constantinople, which had been changed from Byzantium
5.two straits that separated the Ottoman Empire from Western Europe (3 Words)
7.religious advisers to the political head of the Ottoman Empire
8.adherence to a strict religious code
9.Persian painter who is still renown for his style of work
11.city where the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe was halted
12.Holy city of Islam, home of the Church of the Rock
14.ritualistic act of self immolation with one deceased spouse at the time of their cremation
17.title given to a lower ranking official within the Mogul empire
18.Ottoman Turk soldier recruited from Christian population
21.Alternative name given to a King or Emperor in a Muslim Kingdom

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