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Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce

Mr. Jay Nielsen

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2.the name of the place where US forces were defeated by the Nez Perce; _____ Bird Canyon
7.the name of the land that makes up a continent; US or Mexico is called this
8.the antonym of fight; also your fingers in a V is a sign for this
9.moving to a place of safety; the opposite of staying to fight
15.the valley that Old Joseph lived in around 1840
16.the object that Young Joseph gave General Howard and General Miles with dignity
17.self respect and pride
20.part of a war or smaller than a war (plural)
22.marked an event with special food, games, and music; past tense
25.the last name of the general sent out to capture Young Joseph
27.the month that Young Joseph died
29.the name of the spotted horses the Nez Perce had
30.what the missionaries called the son of Old Joseph; "_____ Joseph"
31.people who are sent to teach religion to others
33.Old Joseph told Young Joseph to ,"never sell the ____ of your father and your mother"
34.what the US kept making and then breaking with the Nez Perce tribe; plural
35.the type of fish the Nez Perce caught for food
1.the tribe of Chief Joseph; Nez ______
3.a leader of a tribe
4.the type of animal the Nez Perce went east over the mountains for
5.Nez Perce is French for "______ nose"
6.the tens place number in the year that Young Joseph became chief of his people
10.Young Joseph attempted to avoid this when the US Army tried to force the Nez Perce North off their land
11.the subject where you might study the past
12.admired greatly; past tense
13.a voice gave Young Joseph the name of _____ Rolling in the Mountains
14.worthy of trust and respect
18.the country to the north of the United States
19.Old Joseph and his family called the _____ their mother
21.land set aside by the US government where Native Americans have to live
23.to be known by alot of people
24.wild areas with no trails or paths; ______ wilderness
26.the mountains that the Nez Perce lived by out west
28.the tribe that was infected by a deadly sickness
32.the original name of the Nez Perce tribe that meant the "People"

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