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4.When Mao agreed to a new population policy he said families could have no more than how many children?
6.In 1911 the Nationalists seized power and forced who to give up his throne?
8.________ is a major industrial center in China.
9.Magnolia is twice the size as what state in the US?
11.What did hundreds and thousands of Chinese do to take advantage of the wealth in the Southeast?
13.Hong Kong is ranked as one of the most crowded places in the ________.
14.What can food shortages from one region be met from other regions with?
16.What was the population expected to do in Shanghai by the year 2015?
17.The soil in what region has been made fertile by loess?
19.Around ______-_____ ethnic minority groups live in China.
20.Mao Zedong was China's first ________ leader, he believed that power laid in numbers.
23.What is low in the Northwest region?
26.The Chinese believe that no law or red gaurd can wipe out two thousand ______ of tradition.
31.Beijing was known as the legal seat of government for which country?
33.In 1937 there was an invasion in China that forced the Nationalsists and the Communists to unite against this country, what country did they unite against?
34._______ was a province in China until 1921.
35.What percent of the Chinese had a washing machine by the 1990's?
36.In Taiwan the nationalist set in motion the industrial _______ program.
37._______ was a way station that grew into a large town.
38.In the mid 1800's the lack of military technology provided what?
1.Acupuncture is inserting what into certain points of the body to relieve pain?
2.What is the most popular tradtional faith?
3.What did the Chinese rename Tibet?
4.The isolation in _______ was ended by the Chinese in 1950.
5.Taiwan has no official contact with China until what month in 1987?
7.Mao Zedong done what in 1976?
10.What taught that parents should set good examples for their children and that the children should obey the parents?
12.In 1991 foreign investors poured _____-_____ billion dollars in the special economic zone.
15.What is a fine yellow brown loam spread by seasonal dust storms in China?
16.What is used to write chinese?
18.Some Chinese wanted to take on technology in to order to defend and protect their what?
21.Hong Kong soon became an important ____________ center.
22.In the 1900's there was a new part formed called the Nationalist People's Party, what kind of people made up this party?
24.Some _________ still live as nomads in mobile tents in Magnolia.
25.Taiwan is a small ______island.
27.China is known as the land with great ______ diversity.
28.The Great Leap Forward resulted in a serious leap_________.
29.Who seized power in their own regions?
30.Between China and Russia there is a protective zone between the two what is that protective zone called?
32.What do the Chinese have in their homes where they burn candles in memory of their loved one's?

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