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History of Chocolate

T. Williams

1 2
3             4       5 6  
7                     8    
12                     13      
  14   15 16  
21 22                          

3.machine that made the mass production (grinding) of cocoa possible
7.Swiss inventor of milk chocolate
9.year that cocoa became affordable for most people (was "within financial reach of all")
10.what Cortes added to the Aztec's cocoa drink to make it more agreeable to Spanish taste
12.region in the United States where the first chocolate factory was established
13.during the time of the Aztecs, a rabbit could be purchased for ___ cocoa beans
17.country where the first solid eating chocolate was made/introduced
19.soldiers ate choclate ___ for needed energy during World War II
22.European man the Aztecs believed was a reincarnation of a god-king
23.one of Spain's overseas colonies where cocoa was grown; famous for the Andes Mountains and the Incas
24.country where the first cocoa processing plant opened
25.what the Aztecs called their chocolate drink
1.first people to create a beverage from chocolate
2.man who brought cocoa beans to Europe
4.the Aztec monarch Montezuma drank chocolatl from a __ __
5.number of years it took Cortes to conquer the Aztec empire
6.one of Spain's overseas colonies where cocoa was grown; famous for reggae music
8.leader of the Aztecs who loved chocolatl
10.a spice the Spanish added to refine the cocoa drink
11.the Mayans regarded cocoa as "food of the ___"
14.people who were assigned the task of processing cocoa beans
15.the Spanish created the first hot chocolate by making the cocoa drink __ __
16.machine that squeezed cocoa butter from ground-up beans
18.one of Spain's overseas colonies where cocoa was grown; famous for coffee and oil
20.Cortes came to Mexico looking for ____
21.home of the Aztecs

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